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When I was in grade 7 at the age of 12, I seen a bodybuilding magazine and my dream was born. I wanted to be a

That Christmas my parents bought me a weight set & I started working out in the basement.  Within a year I progressed
to the point where I needed to join a local gym.

I continued working out. I was reading magazine articles and books and watching videos to gain information on the sport.
In June of 1997, I met IFBB Pro Donna Logue and her husband Brian.  They began to coach me on proper nutrition and
training.  There are also my friends and mentors.

To expand my dream my father & I went to Long Beach, California to watch Dorian Yates win the 1997 Mr. Olympia.

When I came back I decided I really wanted to compete.  I began in December 1997 dieting for the Alberta Northern
Bodybuilding Championship in Edmonton where I placed 4th in the Men's Middleweight Class.  A week later, in Calgary I
placed 3rd in the Junior Class at the Alberta Bodybuilding Championships. This qualified me to compete in the Canadian
Nationals in September 1998 were I placed 2nd.
After a year of hard work I held my place in the Junior Class at the Canadian Nationals,
September 25, 1999.  I was 18.5lbs heavier than last year.

With one more year of training and hard work I became the Canadian Junior Men's
Champion for the year 2000 - 1st place was mine!

On June 23, 2001, I got into a dirt bike accident where I broke my neck, back, right
shoulder, left wrist, 2 ribs, lacerated my liver and bruised my lungs and kidneys.  After 4
months in a bodycast I was more determined that ever to compete again... (view photos)
and on June 21, 2003 I placed 2nd in the Men's Light-Heavy Weight class in the Alberta Provincial's.  I weighed in at

After a period of time, I got back into competing.  June 20, 2013 I place 5th in the Alberta Provincial's Heavy Weight
Class... this was the first time I ever competed at this level.

June 21, 2014 I competed in the Alberta Provincials Men's Light Heavy Weight division at 196.5 lbs.  I took First Place.

Bodybuilding is a tremendous sport because of the focus, determination, hard work and commitment that is required to
move forward. I have watched bodybuilding becoming more and more popular.